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Seminar by Dr. Robert Langs

Friday 25th April


the ESCP Conference

Saturday 26th April and Sunday 27th April

 Dr. Langs will be leading a small 'self-processing' seminar group on " Dreams and Reaching into Your Own Unconscious Wisdom" on 

Friday, April 25th in the afternoon, to be given at Regent's College, London, England. 

The group will be limited to six participants. The seminar will include processing dreams and narratives, identifying triggers and themes, and linking them so as to generate a new level of deep, useful, and meaningful insight. Comments will be offered on the evolution and design of the emotion-processing mind, and on using self-processing personally and in one's work, be it doing psychotherapy or otherwise.

This will be followed on the Saturday and Sunday by the ESCP Conference and AGM."New Directions: Challenge and Change".with the keynote speech "Love--True and False--in Psychotherapy" given by Dr. Robert Langs (the founder of the communicative approach and author of over 40 books.) Other international speakers will be presenting new and exciting work using Communicative principles.· 

On Sunday morning from 10.00am to 12.30 pm there will be an extended master class given by Robert Langs
on "Dreams and Uncommon Wisdom and Morality."

Conference fee: Standard rate £130.00   Members/students £85.00 (Cheques to be made payable to ESCP, 106, Oaklands Avenue, Oxhey, Watford, Herts. WD19 4LW)



Join us October 25 – 27, 2002 in New York City 

for an Inspiring Exchange of Ideas!

 The 2002 Annual Meeting

of the

International Society for Communicative 

Psychoanalysis and  Psychotherapy


The Annual Conference

 25– 27  October 2002


New York City

at The Gramercy Park Hotel

 2 Lexington Avenue. New York, NY 10010

Tel.: 1 800 221 4083

Other lodging may be located by calling Urban Adventures, Tel.: 1 212 594 5650

For further information and schedule, call Dr. Irv Weisberg 

Tel.: 212 595 3530 - Email:

Or, visit the Web Site: (See: Links, this E- Journal)

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Members of the COMMUNICATIVE CHAT ROOM are invited to join our discussion
site. This is an opportunity to read and share ideas about communicative

psychotherapy and related topics. An active discussion has been developing
and we hope you'll join in. For current Web address and meeting times go to the 
Web Site of Robert Langs, M. D.
A Self-Processing Model and Workshop on Dreams and Self-Analysis, titled
“In Search of Self” led by Fiorella G Gatti-Doyle with Gaye Gunton and Gillian Gordon
on 16th and 17th March 2002 at The Centre for Self-analysis at Gardone by the Lake Garda, Italy.
For details go to:
in Oxford, England, April 5-7, 2002:
Dr. Robert Langs will be exploring a wide range of clinical and
theoretical topics including the techniques of psychotherapy and counseling; conscious
and unconscious communication and emotional adaptation; psychotherapy and
religious insights, including the concept of inner Gods; and the influence
of the ground rules and framework of psychotherapy and counseling on both
patient and therapist or counselor. The seminars will be built around case
presentations. For details go to:

The New England Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology:

First Annual Conference on
Unconscious Cognition and Evolution
Eastland Park Hotel, Portland, Maine, USA
August 23-24, 2002
The notion of unconscious mental events has been researched and debated for at least two hundred years, with no resolution. The conference will explore the many contentious issues and problems surrounding the concept of unconscious mental processes from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and methodologies. 

 For details go to:


The Annual Conference of the

 The International Society For Communicative

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

 “Spirituality and the Communicative Approach - Practical Applications.”

 With keynote address by Robert Langs, M.D.

October 26-28, 2001

 The Gramercy Park Hotel. 2 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Tel.: 1 800 221 4083

Other lodging may be located by calling Urban Adventures, Tel.: 1 212 594 5650

 Presenters and Titles of Presentations (in alphabetical order):

 Friday Morning:

26  October 2001:                   Introductory Workshop on the Communicative


Inge Berns                             Social Reality and Children’s Motivation For Psychotherapy  

Ulrich Berns                            Which Kind of Frame Interventions Are Most Helpful

                                            For Patients To Make Use of Their Unconscious


 Vesna A. Bonac                      Forbidden Knowledge of the Unconscious: Hope and Guilt

                                            in Clinical Practice

 Gabrielle Gunton                     Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus: Communicative Aspirations

                                            Towards Wisdom and Compassion

 Andrew G. Hodges                 The Secure Frame and Intelligent Design

 Peter Isely                            Beauty, Affliction, Transcendence: The Hidden Spirituality

                                            Of  Communicative Psychotherapy

Robert Langs                          Psychoanalytic Evidence For Inner Gods of Wisdom and


Daniel Merkur                         Therapeutic Change in the Book of Job

 Marie-Luise Petersen              Traumata and the Communicative Approach

 Jeffrey Rubin                         There’s More Than Meets the I: Psychoanalytic Reflections

                                           On Spirituality

 Harold Schauss, Jr.                 The Claustrum Problem and the Fourth Dimension of the


  Fees: US$85.00 for ISCPP members (US$95.00 at the door); US$125.00 for non-members; Students (with proof of student status) US$40.00.   Society dinner Saturday evening US$50.00 (Open cash bar).

 Send check or money order to Irving Weisberg, Ph.D., 315 Central Park West #1A, New York, NY 10025, USA.

 If you are interested in joining ISCPP, and paying the member rate, please send a resume to Dr. Weisberg along with US$75.00 for yearly membership in ISCPP.


 Friday, 26 October 2001

9:30 A.M.        Introduction to the Communicative Approach.

1:30 P.M.        Inge Berns

2:45                 Marie-Luise Petersen

3:30                 Break

3:45                 Peter Isely

4:30                 Ulrich Berns

5:15                 Panel

6:30                 Cocktail Party (Compliments of Society)

 Saturday, 27 October 2001

9:00 A.M.         Vesna A. Bonac

9:45                Jeffrey Rubin

10:30               Break

10:45               Gabrielle Gunton

11:30               Panel

12:00 – 2:00 P.M. - Lunch on your own.

2:00 P.M.          Andrew G. Hodges

2:45                 Harold S. Schauss, Jr.

3:30                 Break

3:45                 Daniel Merkur

4:30                 Panel

5:00                 Society Business Meeting

7:30                 Society Dinner

Sunday, 28 October 2001 

9:00 A.M.          Robert Langs – Keynote Address

10:15               Break

10:30               Case Presentation – Robert Langs commenting in terms of the theme of the 


11:30               Panel

12:00               Closing Remarks: Andrew G. Hodges, President