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EJCP, 2002, Vol. 5

The Forbidden Knowledge of the Unconscious (Engl. reprint)   
    By V. A. Bonac (Oct. 2001; Jan 2002) EJCP Vol. 5

Social Reality and a Child‘s Wish for Psychotherapy (Engl. reprint) 
    By. I. Berns (Oct. 2001, Feb. 2002) EJCP Vol. 5

EJCP, 2001, Vol. 4

Observation of a Family With New-Born Child:Developing a Secure-Frame-Attitude When Becoming  a Psychoanalys (Germ. transl.)
J. Kahl-Popp (2001; Apr. 2001) EJCP Vol.4

Correcting the Analytic Frame in Practice: Comments on Clinical Material Involving Payment of the Fee  (Engl. original       article) 
    by U. Berns (2001; June 2001) EJCP, 2001, vol.. 4

EJCP, 2000, Vol. 3

Time-Limited Psychotherapy: Hidden Effects© (Engl. origin.)
By R. Hidalgo (2000; Aug. 2000) EJCP, Vol. 3

Das Galgenmännchen“ Übertragung und Wahrnehmung in einer Analysestunde des siebenjährigen
Sam bei Dr. Peter Fonagy (
Ger. reprint.)
     by J. Kahl-Popp, (Analytische Kinder- und Jugendlichen-Psychotherapie, Heft 106, 2/2000, 
     „Hang-Man“ Transference and Perception in a Psychoanalytic Session of the seven years old
     Sam with Dr. Peter Fonagy (Engl. Abstract), Reprinted in EJCP, Vol. 3

Der sichere Rahmen - Bestandteile, Handhabung und Wirkungen (Germ. reprint.)
   By M.-L. Petersen, (Deutscher Artikel nachgedruckt mit Erlaubnis der Zeitschrift Forum der
The Secure Frame - Components, Management and Effects by M.-L. Petersen (Engl. Abstract;
Reprinted with permission from Forum der Psychoanalyse, 12:110-127.)

EJCP, 1999, Vol. 2

Some Notes on a Motivational Theory Implied in Communicative Psychoanalysis (Engl. 
    Original Pre-Print) by U. Berns (Nov. 1999) EJCP, Vol. 2

EJCP, 1998 Vol. 1

Sándor Ferenczi and Patients’ Perceptions of Analysis© (Engl. reprint EJCP, Vol. 1)
    By P.  Myers, 1996 (Aug. 1998), BJP , Vol. 13, No.1

Perception or Fantasy? A New Clinical Theory of Transference (Engl. origin.)
    By V. A. Bonac, 1998 (April 1996; Revised Aug. 1998) EJCP, Vol. 1

Reconsidering Communicative Psychoanalysis (Engl. origin.)
    By P. Myers, 1998 (Aug. 1998)  EJCP, Vol. 1

Communicative Psychoanalytic Theory of Human Development - Part One:
    Introduction, Methodology and Theorems (Engl. Reprint, EJCP, Vol. 1)
        By V. A. Bonac, 1994, IJCPP,Vol. 9, No.4

 Traumatic Moments in the Psychoanalytic Discourse© (Engl. transl. from Germ. origin. by author)
    By J. Kahl-Popp, 1998 (1995; Aug. 1998) EJCP, Vol. 1